SAS Wish List

Below is a wish list of items and opportunities for SAS Donors to invest in our school. We know that often people who give like to know exactly what their contributions are going towards. 

  1. New Blinds Throughout…. In process
  2. New flooring in Studio 6 and all of the offices
  3. New Furniture for Front Lobby
  4. New SAS sign out front
  5. Additional Patio Furniture
  6. New Easels –1/2 of these have has been purchased by a donor
  7. Revamp of Retail with new display cases…some locking
  8. New computers…Purchased one and will be purchasing additional over the next few months
  9. Additional chairs
  10. Furniture and sets for use with models
  11. Plastic display holders
  12. Sculpture for the blind workshop
  13. Workshops/classes for Veterans
  14. Programming for the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts
  15. Professional Development workshops for School Teachers
  16. Business training and Professional training for Teaching Artists.
  17. Monies to fund outreach programs once Emerald foundation monies are depleted so that we can continue all of the wonderful community partnerships
  18. Community art programming for Locals in the area…an afternoon of Art
  19. Art Educators Weekend Retreat
  20. Program….Future Art Career Exploration for Teens (FACET)
  21. International Art Exchange for adults through partnering with Sister Cities
  22. Redesign space in Studio 7 (basement)…storage, painting, flooring, have running water/sink
  23. Informational Pamphlet for Youth and Teen Academy
  24. Additional school videos
  25. Monies to produce a modified annual report
  26. Curriculum planner for SAS Youth and Teen Instructor
  27. Funding for Youth and Teen… Project in a Box
  28. Assistant For Sandy Zally
  29. Additional Studio Space